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IMPACT 6 Program:

IMPACT 6 is a 6 hour juvenile diversion program for first time youth offenders. This early intervention program teaches participants the skills they need to make better choices in the future. IMPACT 6 is a participation based program. The class is focused around writing activities, group discussion, self-reflection, and videos. Completion of the class is based on continues participation in the activities and discussion.

-Making Better Decisions
-Healthy Lifestyle Choices
-Anger Management
-Conflict Management
-Your Future

Newly expanded program includes three separate tracks:

-Middle School Track: Open to Cape May County residents' ages 11-14 years old.

-High School Track: Open to Cape May County residents' ages 14-17 years old.

The middle school and high school track are free for all county residents paid for through the Cape May County Juvenile Justice Commission funded by Family Court. Appropriate referrals for these track include, but are not limited to, underage drinking, possession under 50 grams, fighting, bullying, shoplifting and theft.

Non-appropriate referrals include weapon charges, aggravated assault, sex offenses, and youth who have already completed the program or who have previously offended.

Underage drinking diversion track: Open to out of county youth ages 14-17 years old charged with underage alcohol consumption or possession.

-This track is a fee for service. The cost of the program is $100.

If your child was asked to contact Cape Assist by the courts, police department, or school, please call us at (609) 522-5960 and ask for Chely. Please reference "IMPACT 6 Program" when contacting us. You may fax paperwork to (609) 522-4074 or email to Chely@capeassist.org.


Kids Art Resource and Education Center (K.A.R.E.) offers after-school programs for children in grades K-1st which helps develop the personal and social skills necessary to make informed choices in their lives.  K.A.R.E. will be held at Cape Assist on Tuesdays and Thursdays and in Middle on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning on the second week of September. 

Below are the 2018-2019 K.A.R.E. applications:

Peer Leadership:

Peer Leadership Conference is a county-wide event for local middle school and high school students. The conference is a platform for teens to participate in learning activities which aid in the development of leadership skills, promote responsible citizenship, positive lifestyle, and healthy relationships. Students attend a variety of interactive workshops taught by community leaders, educators, and some high school peer leaders’ groups. Local organizations set up resource tables with useful information for youth. Overall, it’s a fun-filled event where students exchange ideas, make new friends, and receive recognition for the accomplishments of their Peer Leadership groups.

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