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Heather Saul

Associate Director

Do the Best You Can


For Heather, her favorite part of the job is hearing about all the success stories of Cape Assists’ clients, and knowing they have a second lease on life.


Heather has been the Grants & Programs Manager at Cape Assist since 2018. In her role, she provides financial oversight and fiscal reporting on all programs and activities. She also assists in preparing grant requests and managing their submissions, as well as preparing the organization’s overall budget and managing billing. Heather has other roles as well, including supervising the administrative office, assisting with bookkeeping, and she even has taken on some human resources functions.


She says the best piece of advice she has ever been given is, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Heather always is striving to do better and to ensure Cape Assist does better as well.  


Professional Inspiration


Heather is most inspired by seeing the results of Cape Assist’s coalition work. “It is making a real difference on improving the resiliency of youth in the county.”


Background and Education


Before joining Cape Assist, Heather served as the Foundation Coordinator at a nonprofit regional medical center, where she was responsible for coordinating fundraising, and   planning and executing community outreach programs. Heather maintained the Foundation’s donor database and reconciled its donations. She also assisted in preparing grant applications.


Heather believes her greatest work accomplishment was developing the Foundation Coordinator position at the medical center and becoming more involved with grant writing and fundraising.


Heather holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Cedar Crest College and earned her secondary education certification from Albright College.


Life’s Passions


Heather says, professionally, she is most passionate about helping others. Personally, her greatest passion is spending time with her family, traveling, and gardening. She believes, overall, that her greatest accomplishment is raising her son. But she also acknowledges that she spends “way too much time doting on my two dogs.”

Heather Saul



(609) 522-5960

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