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The Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is an acclaimed evidence-based training initiative designed to enhance family skills for both high-risk and general-population families. Recognized both nationally and internationally, SFP offers a unique opportunity for parents and youth to grow together through specialized weekly classes.

What We Offer


Weekly Gatherings

Each program session begins with a communal family dinner provided by Cape Assist, setting the stage for a night of learning and bonding. After dinner, parents and youth split into separate groups to engage in tailored workshops that focus on parenting techniques and youth life skills, including effective refusal strategies. The evening concludes with a combined session where families come together to work on a project or lesson, applying what they've learned in a practical setting.

milies and brighter futures!

Program Details

  • Duration: The program lasts either 7 weeks or 14 weeks, depending on the age group of the program.

  • Cost: There is no charge to attend. It’s completely FREE.

  • Incentives: Family meals and on-premises babysitting are provided as part of the program. Upon completion, families receive a gift card as a token of achievement.

*Special Edition: The Military Strengthening Families Program (MSFP) is available for families with active or inactive military members. Visit for more information.

Age-Specific Programs


Toddlers (Ages 3-5)

  • Focus: Early childhood behavior management and introduction to social skills.

  • Activities: Interactive play that teaches cooperation and emotional recognition.

Children (Ages 6-11)

  • Focus: Developing communication skills, understanding emotions, and fostering effective coping strategies.

  • Activities: Group games and role-playing scenarios that emphasize peer interaction and problem-solving.

Pre-Teens (Ages 10-14)

  • Focus: Enhancing decision-making skills and resistance to peer pressure.

  • Activities: Discussions and workshops that prepare for teenage challenges, focusing on social pressures and independence.

***Depending on program funding, participants may be asked for sensitive information involving employment, social security number, race/ethnicity, date of birth, and contact information. Information provided are secured through our HIPPA compliant forms and will never be used for anything outside of the program scope. Funders may request this information to ensure the legitimacy of the program and participants and/or determine future funding of the program. Participants will be aware if such information is needed before the program begins during the program registration process. Please refer to the consent section (if it applies) on the registration form for clarification.***

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