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Public Advocate

The Public Advocate program is a partnership between Cape Assist and a municipality where a trained Cape Assist representative in addiction and prevention services is present in the courtroom for the public to gain information on treatment, local resources, and referrals to community support. There is no cost to see a public advocate and the service is available to anyone.

If you or a loved one have an alcohol or drug problem and want counseling for yourself, your family, or even just information on treatment options for addictions, a public advocate is able to counsel, inform, and guide you or them through the process of seeking help for alcohol and drug issues.

Interested in setting up a Public Advocate program in your municipality? Use the contact button below to send an email.

Disclaimer: The Public Advocate cannot give legal advice. Participation with the public advocate or treatment program does not guarantee a reduction in any legal charges. A public advocate is present only for personal benefit.

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