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Prevention is the key and the foundation of decreasing substance misuse and other drug-related issues in our communities, schools, businesses, and other professional organizations by utilizing tools to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors. Cape Assist focuses on three main areas to create an effective prevention strategy for reducing substance misuse: education, advocacy, and community collaboration. Cape Assist provides evidence-based education programs for all ages with the addition of community and youth-based coalitions and groups.





The up-to-date and correct information is needed to make healthy decisions; Cape Assist provides prevention education in three ways:

  1. Providing educational programs to youth and adults in a variety of settings. Our programs focus on developing important life skills, such as; decision-making, stress management, communication, and
    healthy lifestyle choices.


  2. Providing education and local resources through social media outlets and attending health fairs, community events, and other public outreach events.

  3. Providing the latest trends and current findings in the field of substance misuse prevention and treatment through professional development seminars and conferences.



Cape Assist strives to ensure that community members, especially our most vulnerable and underrepresented, are supported and connected to the resources they need. We also advocate for local and state policies that help prevent addiction, protect our youth, and create healthier communities.





A complex issue like substance misuse cannot be achieved by one person or even one agency alone. Cape Assist believes the only way to impact this issue is by having partners working together in sharing responsibilities, expertise, and resources. Cape Assist collaborates with various members and organizations through coalitions, partnerships, and committees. These partnerships impact substance misuse by reducing the conditions that may cause a person to engage in unhealthy behaviors, as well as increasing the conditions that can help someone cope successfully with life challenges. Cape Assist firmly believes that working together is key to reaching the goal of reducing substance misuse.

Three Parts of Prevention
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