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Life Space Crisis Intervention - Certification Course

FREE Training for Cape May County Educators

Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) is a brain based, trauma informed, relationship-building verbal strategy that helps adults turn problem situations into learning opportunities for young people who exhibit challenging behaviors in schools and communities. LSCI is centered on the core belief that behavioral changes for our most difficult children and youth start with the adults.

 LSCI integrates well with schools that are working to become trauma-responsive and as schools are moving toward the implementation of restorative practices.  

Who Should Take This Course?

LSCI is designed for practitioners who respond to children and youth when they are dysregulated and need immediate support.  In schools or programs, who is called when there is an escalating problem in your school or program?  Often, this may be school administrators, counselors, and mental health care workers.  LSCI is also relevant for teachers who work with at-risk populations. Although classroom teachers often do not have the time to guide a dysregulated student through an intervention, knowing about the patterns of behaviors of their most troubled students is of enormous value.

Course Details:

This non-physical intervention program uses a multi-theoretical approach that recognizes that young people need to feel heard, understood, and connected in order to make positive changes in their behavior. LSCI is a 6-stage verbal framework that provides professionals with a consistent way to build healthy relationships, de-escalate crisis situations, foster self-awareness and insight, develop new social and emotional skills, and bring about long-term behavior change.

A foundational skill of LSCI is to look underneath the surface behaviors of troubled children and youth.

Certification in LSCI includes:

  • Four days of training

  • Real-life video sequences

  • Instructor-led modeling of intervention skills

  • Structured and small group activities

  • Realistic roleplay activities

The text: Life Space Crisis Intervention: Talking with Students in Conflict (Long, Wood, & Fecser, 2021)

A comprehensive manual covering the training and techniques

Upon successful completion of the training, participants receive a Certificate of Competency in Life Space Crisis Intervention from the LSCI Institute.


3 Graduate credits in Special Education and Psychology can also be obtained for successful completion of the course. There is an added cost for graduate credits.

 More information can be found here:

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Register by Friday, May 31, 2024

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