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IMPACT 6 is a one-day, 6-hour juvenile diversion program for first-time youth offenders ages 11-17. This early intervention program teaches participants the skills they need to make better choices in the future. The program covers underage alcohol use and accepts most non-violent, first-time offenders. Some examples of these offenses include shoplifting, vandalism, theft, fighting, and possession of marijuana.

The program uses the evidence-based curriculum of Botvin’s Life Skills and focuses on risk and consequence, decision-making, communication skills, conflict resolution, stress management, positive self-image, and peer choices. The dangers of underage drinking, tobacco use, and substance misuse are discussed.  The program is used to educate and empower our middle school and high school students while providing a safe place to begin a healthy conversation. Cape Assist offers one class for middle school students and one for high school students each month to enable easy scheduling.

Youth can be referred by law enforcement, school, court, or parent guardian. The program is facilitated virtually; however, the commitment, accountability, and participation requirements of the youth referred to remain the same as if they were held in person. 

If your child was referred to the IMPACT 6 program, please complete the secured form below. The program fee is waived if your child attends a public or private school within Cape May County. If your child attends school outside of Cape May County, the program fee is $100 and can be paid directly online - payment must be received before the child's scheduled class date. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (609) 522-5960 or send an email at

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