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WE ARE a group of community members representing: Youth, parents, schools, law enforcement, youth-serving organizations, the faith-based community, substance misuse treatment agencies, local government, healthcare, businesses, media, civic/volunteer groups.

OUR MISSION is to create healthy communities by reducing substance misuse.

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The Lower Township Healthy Youth Coalition brings together community members from all walks of life to create and promote alcohol, tobacco, and drug-free environment for the youth of Lower Township. The members include educators, law enforcement, parents, youth faith leaders, and businesses.  The coalition's mission is to plan and implement strategies to prevent and reduce youth substance misuse and its associated consequences that focus specifically in the Lower Township community.

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Incorruptible US Logo

Incorruptible.US aims to educate students, parents, teachers, and members of Cape May County about the dangers of BIG Tobacco and the ever-growing vaping epidemic that is affecting so many individuals.

The group is open to any high school-aged student in Cape May County that are motivated and passionate about making a difference. The group meets monthly to discuss ideas and collaborate on projects that focus on improving health and awareness while also attending fun group activities. Students who are interested in joining should reach out to Alana at

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(Cape May County Students Aligned Fighting Epidemics)

The CMC Healthy Community Coalition is looking to bring the youth perspective of the local drug crisis to the table. The county S.A.F.E youth taskforce is looking for motivated students who want to impact the drug crisis in their community.

The group is open to all high school-aged students and meets once a month. The group activities consist of:

  • Raising awareness among youth about local resources

  • Working with local law enforcement to create maps of hot spots

  • Training youths on becoming advocates in their communities

  • Host community events

  • Youth involvement in coalition leadership opportunities

To join, text @capemayc to 81010 or email Temerity to

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