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Substance Misuse in the Workplace - How to Support Your Employees

Upcoming discussion for employers on the signs, symptoms of substance use disorders, and resources to aid employee recovery and wellness.

Substance Misuse in the Workplace - How to Support Your Employees
Substance Misuse in the Workplace - How to Support Your Employees

Time & Location

Jun 09, 2021, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM


About the Event

Employers and their management teams play a pivotal role in the creation of supportive workplace environments, ideally one where employees can reach out for help when needed. But it helps if employers can identify the warning signs and symptoms of someone who may be under the influence of a substance(s).

In an effort to help support the health and wellbeing of the workforce in the community, an upcoming presentation led by Cape Assist's Director of Prevention Joe Faldetta and Director of Recovery Services Kathy Gibson will highlight Substance Misuse in the Workplace, How to Support Your Employees.

During the free, virtual Zoom session held on Wednesday, June 9 at 2pm, Faldetta and Gibson will identify the symptoms of a substance use disorder and provide some warning signs employers can look for in employees who may be struggling.

They also will discuss ways employers can connect employees to various systems of care to help those suffering from substance use disorders; and they will cover the differences in the adult and children's systems of care. In NJ, anyone aged 20 or younger is eligible for the children's system of care for help with substance misuse.

To register, visit: Immediately following the presentation, Faldetta and Gibson will host a Q&A session.

Statistically speaking, the numbers of employees dealing with substance misuse are alarming. According to the National Safety Council, "75% of adults with substance use disorder are in the workforce." The Cape May County Department of Health cited "70% of employers have been affected by problems related to prescription drug use, including absenteeism, impaired performance, and workplace injury."

The presentation is offered by the Cape May County Department of Health in cooperation with the Cape May County Overdose Fatality Review Team and the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce.

For questions, please contact Tusa Magalogo-Fitisemanu at or call Cape Assist at 609-522-5960.

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