A substance abuse prevention and treatment agency
serving the communities of Cape May County since 1982

Botvin's LifeSkills:

A 10-session program designed to be taught as a multi-year, multi-tiered program for middle school students. This skill-building program is meant to assist in learning skills in life areas, which include drug resistance and general social skills.

Sea Life:

This violence prevention program geared toward children consists of six interactive lessons that combine the puppet story line, group discussion, and activity sheets to share with family members and caretakers.

ATOD Programs:

The Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Program educates students about the potential negative consequences of drug and alcohol use and/or abuse. 

Cooperative Games:

Cooperative Games offers teambuilding exercises to increase communication, leadership, and other skills important to group success. Cooperative game aims to each individuals to look at problems and situations in more than one way as well as teaching them how to work together.




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