A substance abuse prevention and treatment agency
serving the communities of Cape May County since 1982

Strengthening Families Program:

Strengthening Families Program (SFP) is a multi-session program for families who want to improve their family dynamics in several areas including communication, discipline strategies, limit setting, etc. In addition to Strengthening Families Program, we also offer a Military Strengthening Families Program (MSFP) designed for families with members that are currently in the any branch of the military or have served. For more information about the program, please contact Temerity at (609) 522-5960 or email Temerity@capeassist.org.


Our W.I.S.E. program (Wellness Initiative for Senior Education) is designed to extend good physical and mental health and to prevent or delay out-of-home placement for older adults. The Wellness program offers six lessons that cover a range of topics. If you are interested in being a part of our W.I.S.E. program or to inquire more information, please contact Temerity at (609) 522-5960 or email at Temerity@capeassist.org.

Coping with Work and Family Stress:

A 12 session evidence based program that can be implemented in a workplace or community setting.  The program looks at ways to balance work stress and family stress, coping techniques and strategies to modify or eliminate stress.

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